Fitness Class

Motum Athletics is a total fitness facility for the whole family.  We want to empower you to live the healthy life you always wanted.  With proper nutrition, and regular exercise, we help guide you through your fitness journey to a new healthier YOU!



One on one personal training is provided for both in person and online.

With our online program, you will be provided with daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and weekly face time (via video chat) with your trainer to help keep you accountable and help guide you through your program.


Our physical one one one personal training session varies depending on your goals and your availability.  We work with you to provide one on one training to help you meet your goals.



Our small group training sessions consist of 8-12 people per class, with youth training it is limited to 10 kids.

Our small group adult training will consist of 3 days of weight training, and 3 days of cardio HIIT workouts.

Our youth training consists of body weight strength exercises  mixed with cardio to help build your child's strength, speed and endurance.  This class is for youth ages 6 - 16.



Youth sports usually consist of just normal practice of skills in their sports.  Kids aren't often taught how to recover, nor are they provided with a way to get stronger or faster.

This is where we come in.  We help provide our youth athletes with knowledge of how to properly strength train, help build speed, and we teach them how to recover.  In addition, we focus on form, and stretching to help prevent injury.